ARCO Speaker Team

ARCO has five speakers that deal with the bank on behalf of the network. These speaker were last elected in June 2019 by the General Assembly at the 18th national meeting in Hannover (Lower Saxony, Germany):


Holger Efken

 Holger was born in Wittmund in 1964 and has remained faithful to his East Frisian home since then. He has been living with his husband in the district of Leer since 1996. His professional career led him to Commerzbank in 1998 through various savings banks. Until 2017, he worked in sales and managed private clients, private banking clients and, from 2012, business customers in several branches, most recently in Oldenburg. From 2006 to 2017, he was a member of the works council with a focus on JAV/Azubis, health at work and, of course, diversity. Since 2017 he has been working in the area of "Law & Regulatory" in Hamburg.

Holger joined Arco in 2003 and has been regularly involved in many ARCO meetings and activities since then. Especially for him as "Landei", the supraregional contacts, from which over time some friendships have developed, which are submitted via the bank and Arco to the private, are very important. A considerable amount of Arcos who had found their way to the East Frisian province in 2014 to attend and celebrate the church wedding of "Lord Efken" are just a testament. Since 2007, he has been actively involved in the development of the network in various functions, especially in the North region. In 2015, he was first elected to the speaker group. So he has the network almost from the beginning and in all its facets. Both privately and in the bank, he has been ousted for many years.


Angela Andresen

Angela is a true northern light and saw the light of the world in 1981 in the Hamburg area. She spent her childhood and youth there and then moved directly to the Hanseatic city. She lived there until she started her training at Commerzbank in Dortmund in 2006. After three more years as a retail client advisor in the Ruhr area, Angela moved back to Kiel in 2011. She was allowed to work for nine months in 2013 as part of a project in Westerland. At the end of 2014, your journey took you to Frankfurt, where Angela worked as a consultant for business trips. Since spring 2019, Angela has been a Compliance Officer for Global AML Monit. & Inv. Non-FI. In private, Angela spends her spare time with her partner and her dog on the Rhine and Main.

For Angela, Arco was the reason for choosing to train at Commerzbank. She has always felt well taken care of, and the network is a heart matter of her. Tolerance and acceptance here are realized values that are openly lived thanks to the dedicated members of the networks. As a spokesperson, Angela would like to continue supporting the members of ARCO, but also not to be available to members such as executives or family members as contact persons for questions relating to the topic of outing.


Peter Böhm

Peter, a real Frankfurt, grew up as the only son in a household with a high percentage of women. Since his earliest childhood, the harmony has been his passion. Both shaped him, was much more blessing than curse, and made sure to deal with border experiences, ups and downs. Peter is very grateful for both! Peter began his training at the Frankfurt Mortgage Bank and has been with the Commerzbank Group for 27 years. Peter learned about him that there are still prejudices for certain personal characteristics and discrimination. He realizes that the number of cases is fortunately decreasing, but not their vehemence. And so he thought about how he could make his personal contribution. Since every employee of the group can become a member of Arco, no distinction is made between LGBT or heterosexual employees, the decision to participate was quickly taken! For what Arco wants: To express diversity and to reduce prejudices and promote mutual tolerance. Some colleagues have asked whether he is not afraid to encounter false interpretations. If this were the price of even greater equality and tolerance, it doesn't matter, and there is no "wrong". Everywhere one can learn from one another and benefit from it as a person and bank. Sometimes it's a long shot ball of different cultures that makes great. Diversity is always the strength.


Lukas Plamitzer

Lukas was born in 1992 and completed his training at a Sparkasse in the Odenwald in 2011. Right after the training, he decided to immerse himself in the big banking world and started as a retail advisor at Commerzbank. Later, he was a private banking consultant before deciding to move to PUK headquarters in 2016 to get to know the bank's "other side". As coordinator of the division manager Digitisation PUK, Lukas gained many insights into digitisation and human resources work. Since April 2018, he has been project manager for infrastructure projects in PUK and since February 2019 has been responsible for our international digital offspring.

Visibility is very important to Lukas and shows him among others as Future Leader of the Völklinger Kreis and in July 2019 at the RAHM Leadership Contest in Berlin. Lukas stands for the values of ARCO and now wants to actively work, plan and implement joint projects and support them as a trustworthy contact partner. Arco has helped Lukas move from the village to the big city to get around the office. He now wants to give that back.


Charta der Vielfalt

The implementation of the "Charter of Diversity" in our company aims to create a work environment that is free from prejudice, all employees should feel appreciated - regardless of gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, religion or belief, disability, age, sexual orientation and identity.

Commerzbank signed
"Diversity Charter"