ARCO Objectives

The ARCO network intends to combat prejudice and encourage the mutual tolerance at every level. We want to shape the working atmosphere at Commerzbank so that all, that includes gays and lesbians, can pursue their work and career goals unburdened.


  • stands helpful on the side of gay and lesbian employees and brockers support in cases of conflict
  • answers all questions of Commerzbank employees on dealing with issues relating to sexual orientation in the workplace and is available as a discussion forum
  • promotes equality in the workplace
  • continuously drives the acceptance in all areas of the bank
  • is an information forum
  • actively contributes to the development of the corporate culture  
  • promotes the exchange of experiences

We wish for tolerance in everyday dealings. That means to allow the other to be as he is. That is what ARCO cares for.
nterested parties who want to contribute are cordially welcome. We welcome ideas and support..